My Purpose

Dedicated to having a positive lasting impact on others that inspires them to be better.

My Principles

  • Know yourself. Be yourself.

  • Everything matters. Measure the aggregate.

  • Move forward. See the big picture.

  • Time is open. Time is tight. 

  • Positive energy. Positive outcomes.

  • Open to change. Eager for better.

  • Choose wisely. Act courageously.

  • Be the decision. Be accountable. 

  • Beginner’s mind. Abundance mindset.

  • Surrender control. Accept possibilities.

  • Be kind. Act with compassion.

  • Give more. Get more.

  • Keep it real. Add a spark.

  • Have fun. Be fun.

  • Love unconditionally. Forgive fast. 

My Relationship Principles

  • Unconditional Love

  • Enduring Trust

  • Active Compassion