Life is better with a positive spin.

Positive Energy.

Personal Development.

Passionate Music Fan.

I’ve been around for half a century. I’ve lived a few lifetimes across the globe. I am a dedicated husband, father and friend. I’m a career marketer and lifelong music fan.

I believe positive energy creates positive outcomes. Every choice and decision I make creates an opportunity to become a better version of myself, and give to something bigger than myself. Creating a positive lasting impact on others and the world around me is my contribution in life.

Last night I had a dream
And there were three of me
There was the man I was, the man I am and the man I want to be

The three of me, the three of me
I’ve got to figure out who I want to be
Oh, there ain’t no room for the three of me

If that dream comes again
Oh, I hope it takes me back
Then the man I was, the man I am
Will just fade to black.

~ William Bell, “The Three of Me

Join me as I share personal stories and life learnings about the things I care about the most: self-development, marriage, fatherhood, health and fitness, career, community, and my experiences as a music fan. I hope you find inspiration in my stories and share similar experiences.

Along the way, I’ll introduce you to great people I know and turn you on to artists and tunes you may not have heard of.

Life is better with a positive spin. Always.

These are my principles.

This is my record collection.

This is career me.

This is music me.

I am 50 years old. I’ve been married for 21 years. I am a father of an 8-year-old. I lived around the world. I currently live on Blue Sky Ranch. I have over 700 albums in my record collection.


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Life is Better with a Positive Spin.